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Increase your internet speed for Windows Xp

8:45 AM
A large number of softwares are availabe to boost internet speed. But i will give you a small procedure on how to increase internet speed within 5 to 6 minutes. Interesting it is.... You just need a basic knowledge on how to use computer. After applying the procedure you will find a considerable difference in the browsing speed.This will boost upto 50% speed or may be more

1. In windows xp Click Start then Run.

2. Type there gpedit.msc and hit enter.
Note: All the above mentioned process is different in windows 7 In windows 7 the below mantioned box in red is actually the Run. You should type gpedit.msc there and hit enter

3. Next navigate to"Administrative Templates" ->"Network" -> "QoS Packet Scheduler"

4. In "QoS Packet Scheduler" rightclick on "Limit reservable bandwitdh", and select Properties (Note: This step is in case of xp. Where as in windows 7 you don't right click it just double click it to open)

5. Make it "Enabled" and set "Bandwidth limit: 0". Click OK and you are done

So, Thats it. I made it much easy for newbies. Hope you liked it. 

Drop comments if you have any answer or a new trick.


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