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10:58 PM
Hey Friends i have come up with a new method which is combination of greasemonkey + imacros
It allows you to see the transaction page screenshot so that u can easily see the balance of all ur accounts
Also if u want to see only the balance of all ur accounts can be achieved by this method

NOTE: Only use Mozilla Firefox(latest version)

Follow the steps : 

Step 1:  Install the following 
            1) Grease Monkey :
             2) I Macros           :
             3) AdBlock plus    
            4) Image Block      :

Step 2: Download following : 

imacros  :;topic=42269.0;attach=19386

user script  :;topic=42269.0;attach=19387

Step 3: Paste the above imacros file in the location C:\Users\Pc-Name\Documents\iMacros\Macros

Step 4: Make a two text file on Desktop and name it :  "Accounts.txt" and "Balance.txt" (without inverted comma)

Step 5: Move (or copy) the above made files to C:\

Step 6: Drag and Drop grease monkey user script into your firefox browser .
               Note 1: If there is already a script installed please remove it.
               Note 2: See if the grease monkey is enabled( the monkey symbol is bright ).

Step 7: Edit the Account.txt file (C:\Accounts.txt) and enter your all accounts as shown
    User Name,Password             
   8866478521,36985 and so on... for all the accounts you hold.

Step 8 : Click the Imacros icon in the firefox browser, a window on left side is opened.
                 Select Multiaccount.iim
                 Type the Number of username entered in Account.txt into Max: textbox (Eg If you have 5 account then enter 5)
                 Click on Play(Loop) button
                click the image block icon.

Step 9 : The script will do the work by itself . Enjoy!!!

Step 10 : To view the Transaction page(Credit History page) of all account go to C:\Users\Pc-Name\Documents\iMacros\Downloads
                  Note : Delete the files daily for the new files the next day.

Step 11 : To view the Total balance of all account go to C:\Balance.txt
   Note : Delete the text daily for the new updated balance the next day.

Step 12 : Edit The All questions daily by right click - edit-open with notepad-find the old answers and replace with new-save.
                  Install the newly made file the same way as discussed above.

Comment Below if you have any query.
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