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Increase the Internet Speed of your PC in simple steps [NEW 2013]

2:39 AM

Today the computer is becoming more a part of life of a person, but with a PC with no internet makes no sense..Increased demand for global computer also results in increased demand for Internet bandwidth , meaning that a person with a PC necessary mind will hire the services of Internet .

But there is something worth noting which is the "Internet speed" , which is a very important factor to take into account when hiring our Internet service .

But still there are some points that we must also take into account with respect to the speed of the Internet and that is the bandwidth contracted to our PC, this might not the same speed we have hired,  perhaps the internet provider deceived us with the service or maybe our PC is spoiled, in the vast majority of cases has shown that the cause itself was due to a bad configuration of the operating system.

Because we know that when we deliver our newly purchased PC, give us with standard settings it defaults windows.

But just try it this tutorial, how to modify those windows registry settings that do not allow us to maximize our Internet bandwidth , the video below explains in simple steps how you do it:

Video: How to Accelerate The Internet Speed


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