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Safe Mode in Windows 8

12:58 AM
For any kind of troubleshooting for computer we are used to log in to windows safe mode. And we can effortlessly boot to safe mode by pressing the F8 key, but when you are in windows 8 it has changed a bit. So persons get confused how to boot into safe mode in windows 8. It is not like that Microsoft never holds a safe mode in windows 8, it still exists but the way to get in is completely changed.

Boot Process into Safe Mode on Windows 8
For safe mode you have to open the charms bar at your right side first.
Windows 8

Then click on Settings

Windows 8

Now you need to choose Change PC settings

Windows 8
Choose General and then Advanced startup, click Restart now
Once your PC restarted you will get the screen as below

Windows 8

Choose Troubleshoot

Windows 8

Now Advanced options

Windows 8

Here you choose Windows Startup settings

Windows 8

Here you can see the option to boot in safe mode, click on Restart


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